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I established CPG Design  in 2010 as an extension of my continued interest in shooting sports and as a service to my local shooting clubs and their members.


Opening a small, one man business as a Registered Firearms Dealer meant that I didn't have to actually pursue real world employment and it has enabled me to meet many varied and interesting customers and suppliers over the last few years.


Over the past thirteen years I have bought and sold thousands of interesting and odd firearms and enjoyed meeting a huge variation of customers from all across the globe. with a number of certain memorable characters featuring in the mix!

The shooting community and nature of the sport and the RFD Business has certainly changed over the past few years, impacted by Covid 19 and changing global events that have led to increased prices, the unavailability of products and ever changing legislation, so it is time for me to move on and look forward to other opportunities and challenges.

Thank you to anyone and everyone that has supported me over the years & I hope you all continue to enjoy your shooting sports.


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